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  Ride Repairs  

Ride Maintenance & Restoration

We can provide on site maintenance and employee training for any ride, regardless of the manufacturer. We also have emergency support for breakdowns.  Rather than trusting a local service that has never worked on an amusement ride before you should trust a professional. With over 30 years of experience working on rides we can repair your ride correctly, the first time with less expense and downtime.

We use only full urethane paint and primers. Applying two coats of these products it is the equivalent of being wrapped in plastic, the surface will remain chemical and UV resistant for years. Using anything else equates to money wasted. The cost of dismantling and painting equipment is so substantial that you need to extend the period of time between performing the work, the cost is the same to apply a lesser product as it is to do the same work with the best you can buy.

Gary Hughes Quopte

Our custom graphics are over coated with clear laminate to protect from scratches and UV damage as well. 
Superior Equipment Services LLC has performed work for many of the most respected companies in the country including Cypress Gardens, Dollywood, North American Midway Entertainment and Alabama Adventure.

We are affiliated with several ride manufacturers performing support as Authorized Factory Service Technicians. We know that your investment is significant and that as part of our service we need to be sure you and your staff have the information needed to properly maintain and operate your attractions. We will always answer any questions and try to solve your issue without making a service call.  When a service call is required we will be prompt, professional, and diligent to accomplish the repair.

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